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Caribbean food and Family recipes from the Caribbean Islands. . . To Your Kitchen!  All recipes include calorie totals. 

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Caribbean and Latin American food Find out how to get easy meals at your fingertips now. .

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Barbados Beef Patties
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Multiple kids and full time jobs make dinner time a stressful time when it should be something we enjoy.  Let's get back to that!

 Puerto Rican Codfish Cakes
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Picky Eaters? Like Finger Food?

Your kitchen isn't a restaurant or a cafeteria. Dinner time would be so much nicer with less ordering and more enjoying! Find things everyone at the table will love!

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Not a Great Cook?

Caribbean food?  No problem! I'm no Martha Stewart.  I don't even particularly like to cook.  I do like my family to eat well, though, and I like to do that as simply and naturally as possible when preparing food and drink.

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